Pinot Noir Cuvée Louise

Pinot Noir Cuvée Louise belongs entirely to our winemaker, Véronique Drouhin-Boss. In each vintage, she knows that there lies hidden a very small, very special selection of her favorite barrels that, once nurtured and artfully blended, will become Louise. Seamless, complex, layered, and deeply, deeply pleasing, it is a special wine, a rare treat. It is Louise.


Available to DDO Direct members ONLY in March, 2008 2005's winter months were unusually dry and warm, which led to early bud break. A relatively cool, wet spring slowed the maturation process down, causing uneven flowering over an extended period and, ultimately, painfully low yields. But, the vines enjoyed a lovely, moderate summer and an easy September, leading to excellent ripening and an ideal October harvest.

Tasting notes

The 2005 Louise is quite striking, very intense, both aromatically and on the palate. The first thing I think is how long this wine will live - maybe 20 years? The nose takes me right to the Dundee Hills - lots of red fruits, white pepper, some spice, all of which is there on the palate. Tannins are silky, as usual with Louise, and the finish is very long. Not a bottle I ever want to see the end of! /Bottle, 0/Magnum, 0/Jeroboam

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