Pinot Noir Cuvée Louise

The Louise cuvée is always special. In every vintage, Véronique selects her favorite few barrels, those that come together in the most complete, seamless way. And beyond all else, it is a wine that must be deeply, deeply pleasing. It is Louise.


Available to DDO Direct members ONLY in March, 2009 The 2006 growing season was warm and mild, finishing in splendid fashion with a relaxed, two-week harvest window. Picking when flavor and complexity have both reach their zenith is the eternal goal, and certainly the wines from 2006 suggest success. Once in barrel, the wines moved along easily. From the beginning, our 2006 Pinot Noirs have been lush and beautiful, full-flavored, with a slightly elevated sense of body and structure. Louise in particular has always shown an extra layer of depth and intensity, making it all the more special.

Tasting notes

The 2006 Louise presents so many layers all at once, both on the nose and on the palate. The beautiful Dundee Hills qualities, the red fruits and spice, are here in abundance. The silky tannins reinforce the sheer pleasure and presence of the wine. The texture is amazing, rich but with balance and good weight. The finish is long. This is a wine that will age beautifully for at least 10 years or more, but it is already very enjoyable now. Santé! Véronique Drouhin-Boss, March 2009

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