Pinot Noir Cuvée Louise

The Cuvée: The Louise cuvée is always special. In each vintage, Véronique knows that there lies hidden a very small, very special selection of her favorite barrels that, once nurtured and artfully blended, will become Louise. Seamless, complex, layered and deeply, deeply pleasing, it is a special wine, a rare treat. It is Louise. Winemaking: All of our Pinot Noir is handpicked and hand-sorted, de-stemmed, and then allowed to ferment at its own pace. Typically in barrel for 15 months, Louise maintains its sense of place and vintage character through a gentle élévage, and the use of only 20% new French oak. Our goal is to produce Pinot Noir with balance, elegance and finesse, and Louise best exemplifies these qualities.


The 2008 Vintage: 2008 is simply a great vintage in Oregon, and though could have wished for higher yields given the incredible quality, we are grateful for what we have. Overall, it was a long, relatively cool growing season, with allowed for full ripeness, strong acidity and lower alcohols. These are wines that will live a long time. Harvested: October 10th-21st Bottled: March 18th, 2010 Release Date: March 7th, 2011 Production: 271 cases, 100 Magnums and 25 Jeroboams

Tasting notes

I am delighted that the 2008 Louise is so complete, so balanced and so seamless. Because of the structure and the acidity and the fullness of fruit, I know this wine will age beautifully for at least 10 years, but with a few hours of decanting, it offers so much pleasure now. The color is deep ruby. Aromatically, there is cherry blossom, black fruit, fresh berries, black cherry, and multiple spices. On the palate, there is bright cherry, clove, cranberry and nuts, among many other things. As always, the greatest joy of Louise is in the texture, which is juicy and moat-coating. The tannins are fine, and the finish is very, very long. Again, I encourage you to decant the wine for 2-3 hours before serving, if possible. Like 2005, there is a strong earthiness that I love when the bottle is opened, but it gives way with air. Enjoy! Véronique Drouhin-Boss - March 2011

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