Pinot Noir Laurène
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Hand picked grapes were brought to the winery in small cases of 25 pounds. The fermentation started naturally with its indigenous yeasts in open vats and was conducted in a classical way, punching down the cap and pumping over the juice. Because of the richness of the grapes, we did not encourage too much extraction so that fruitiness and complexity would dominate instead of overbearing weight and tannin. We tried to keep the fermentation down and total maceration was voluntarily limited. The wine was aged in barrels sent from Joseph Drouhin's own inventory. New oak never exceeded 20% so as not to hid the true character of the wine.


Spring and summer were exceptionally hot and dry. What could be considered an advantage by some made us in fact very cautious: the Pinot Noir does not require too much heat as the wine would easily lose its typicity and fruitiness. Consequently, we began the harvest very early: August 23rd. It was completed by September 21st.