Pinot Noir Laurène
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32 different blocks of our estate vineyard are harvested separately, and they are each made into wine separately, and kept in barrel separately in the cellar for one year. The wines that will ultimately become Laurène reveal themselves in the course of our tastings over the year. The wine is bottled 15-16 months after harvest, and then is aged in the bottle another 19-20 months before release.


Each vintage the Laurène Cuvée bottling captures the best the year has to offer, and in 2001 we were blessed with lovely harvest weather for the fourth straight year. Picked by hand and lovingly crafted in our gravity-flow winery, this wine is a strong representative of the best we can produce in Oregon.

Tasting notes

A wonderful successor to the 2000 bottling, this wine shares its predecessor’s depth of red and black fruit flavors, while capturing even more vibrancy and balance. 2001 Laurène is a wine with a great spirit, a “joie de vivre,” that jumps out of the glass and coats the palate with sweet fruit and the softness of silk. Decant for 30 minutes to enjoy the wine in its youth, or cellar for increased nuances and complexity until 2008-2011.