Pinot Noir Laurène
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Our Estate vineyard is divided into 32 blocks which are all harvested, tank fermented and barrel aged one year individually. The wines that will ultimately become Laurene reveal themselves in the course of tastings over the year. After one year, the wines are blended and rest for four months, before being bottled and aged for another 19 to 20 months before release.


Each vintage the Laurène bottling captures the best the year has to offer. 2002 is one of the best vintages that Oregon has ever seen. Picked by hand and lovingly crafted in our gravity-flow winery, this wine is a strong representative of the best we can produce in Oregon.

Tasting notes

The flavors of Cuvee Laurene 2002 are all extraordinary in their richness: neither rough nor heavy. The architecture of the wine is a marvel of harmony with very fine and noble tannins bringing a silky roundness to the wine. This is what we call the “gras” in Burgundy. The acidity adds a bit of energy to the wine. The well balanced structure will enable the wine to age and improve remarkably through the years. Decant for 30 minutes to enjoy the wine in its youth, or cellar for increased nuances from now until 2013 and probably even longer.