Pinot Noir Laurène
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Named after Véronique Drouhin's elder daughter, Laurène is our flagship wine, and is produced entirely from Pinot Noir grown on the family's estate in the Dundee Hills. All of the fruit is handpicked into small totes, destemmed, fermented with indigenous yeasts, and then placed into barrels (French oak, never more than 20% new). Once the vintage is safely in the cellar, Véronique begins the process of selecting barrels which have an extra complexity, length and depth — barrels which will work together as Laurène. In recent years, Laurène has been named one of the "Great Wines of America” by Paul Lukacs in his book of the same name and "perennially one of Oregon's best wines” by Portland Monthly Magazine (Sept. 2009). In 2008, celebrated writer Matt Kramer presented Laurène in his Wine Spectator seminar, "21st Century Pinot Noir Greatness.”


Harvested: September 19 - October 10 Bottled: February 2008 Released: September 2009 Production: 4,900 six-packs The 2006 growing season was warm and mild, finishing in splendid fashion with a relaxed, two-week harvest window. Our goal is to pick fruit when flavor and great complexity have been achieved, and 2006 was certainly successful in that regard. Once in barrel, the wines moved along easily. From the beginning, our 2006 Pinot Noirs have been lush and beautiful, full-flavored, with a slightly elevated sense of body and structure. The wines are delicious now, but will age beautifully for years to come.

Tasting notes

am amazed that 2006 is the 15th vintage of Cuvée Laurène! Time moves quickly, but bottles of wine give me a chance to remember certain moments, people, events and years. I have many happy memories captured in Laurène, and I hope you do too. The 2006 Laurène recalls the softer, plusher qualities found in the 2004 vintage, but with the slightly more ample body that 2006 brought to all of our wines. On the nose and on the palate, there is a wealth of deep black berries, red fruits and Dundee Hills spice. The finish is very long, and I expect to enjoy the 2006 Laurène for at least 10 more years! —Véronique Drouhin-Boss, August 2009

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