Pinot Noir Laurène
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2007 will long be remembered for the lovely, graceful growing season that led up to a rather stressful harvest. Robert, Véronique and Philippe Drouhin literally spent three October weeks in a high-stakes chess match with the vineyards. In the end, a year's worth of superb viticulture and a month of microscopic attention to detail allowed for a very successful vintage. It's been easier before and since, but vignerons live for the challenge. Harvested: September 28 - October 22 Bottled: February 2009 Released: Fall 2010 Production: 5,900 six-packs

Tasting notes

Everything that I love about the 07 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is accentuated in the 07 Laurène—even more complexity, more fruit, and more loveliness. The trademark of the vintage for us is its precision, the purity of flavor, clearly layered across the palate. The texture is very fine, and the flavors are a burst of fresh red fruits, in contrast to the darker fruits of recent vintages. As I hope for, the finish is very long, and I expect that we can all enjoy the 2007 Laurène for at least 10 years or more!

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