Pinot Noir Cuvée Louise
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The Louise cuvée is always special. In each vintage, Véronique focuses on a few favorite barrels that, once nurtured and artfuly blended, will become Louise. Seamless, complex, layered and deeply pleasing, it is a rare and decidedly wonderful wine. It is Louise.


All of our Pinot Noir is handpicked and hand-sorted, de-stemmed, and then allowed to ferment at its own pace. Typically in barrel for 15 months, Louise maintains its sense of place and vintage character through a gentle élevage, and the use of only 20% new French oak. Our goal is to produce Pinot Noir with balance, elegance and finesse, and Louise best exemplifies these qualities.


2016 marks the third consecutive season of warm, dry and largely harmonious growing conditions. Spring came early, and the vineyards enjoyed the warmer and drier weather. This helped maintain small clusters and berries that could mature evenly between bloom and harvest. In fact, harvest began during the last days of August, but a cooler September allowed us to achieve an overall balance of flavor and layered complexity.

Tasting notes

Youthful and enigmatic, the 2016 Louise will reward time and patience. The nose leads with aromas of perfectly ripe cherry, bright pomegranate, and praline. Flavors of sweet cherry, black tea and cranberry give way to spiced plum and caramelized red berries. There is beautiful balance between the minerality and luxurious tannins. Jubilant and pretty, the finish is already long and the flavors will continue to integrate over time. The 2016 Louise should be beautiful for 10 years and more.

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