Dundee Hills Pinot Noir
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The grapes were hand-picked into small boxes of 25 pounds and generally de-stemmed. Fermentation began with indigenous yeast and was conducted in the classical method of punching down the cap and pumping over the juice. As is customary, the wine was aged in barrels sent from Joseph Drouhin's inventory. New oak content was restricted to less than 20% so as not to hide the wine's true character. Malolactic fermentation was completed naturally in barrels without inoculation.


A challenging vintage. Due to some rain in June, the fruit set was uneven. At havest time some of the parcels were perfectly ripe but others had some difficulties to reach a perfect balance between sugar, acids and flavors. The grapes were harvested between September 20th and October 7th. Light rain appeared during harvest bringing some dilution in a few cuvees. However not once did we see any rot. As harvest progressed we saw important differences in qualities between vineyards. Consequently we declassified over 20% of the resulting wine, selling it off in bulk to other wineries. The first fermenters were filled with ripe grapes in good balance with acidity. The last part of the crop was lower in acid but still in very healthy condition.

Tasting notes

Good color and a delicious fragrant nose. On the palate, a lovely Pinot Noir chaacter with, as we always try to have in our wines, subtle and delicate tannins. Harmonious finish, this wine is still very young. It will continue to develop its bouquet over the next couple of years.